The Fruit of Understanding Your Buyers…”Pomegranate Marketing”

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So your marketing has done a great job of explaining the problems you solve for your market…but you are still not hitting your key performance indicators for sales? Your market may not know how to start working with your organization.

Does your market know how to work with you?… You sure?


What I find far too often is teams who feel that it is “so intuitive” with regard how to start a relationship with their organization. I hear things like “anyone can understand how to become a customer”. However when you actually talk with customers, potential customers and others in your market, you find you are more of a pomegranate; something I know I need, you solve a problem for me, but I just don’t know how to open and get started with you.

Pomegranates are an amazing fruit with a number of antioxidants. They are of particular value to men over 45 as the consumption of pomegranates has shown a reduction in prostate cancer. There has been a tremendous amount of information shared about the value of consuming them, yet very few US consumers actually buy them?

I know they have a value, they solve a problem and the price is not prohibitive, so why haven’t I bought one? The truth be told I did not know how to get started with one, how to open it and receive a benefit from its fruit.

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I must not be the only one with this problem as the pomegranate growers have produced a flier that walks its market through a simple three stage process to open one and harvest the fruit.



How about your business?

Do you count on clients intuitively knowing what you do, how to find you, and how to open a relationship with your team?

The burden of providing how to harvest the fruit of your product or service is yours and not your markets’.


Market leaders help buyers along their buying journey and teach them how to engage.


Market losers feel their product or service is so perfect, brilliant, that you would have to be an idiot not to get it…. Unfortunately for this group the idiots are often identified at the quarterly board meeting explaining their poor execution.

Does your organization provide pomegranate marketing for your market?

Do you clearly explain to your market how to engage with your organization?



What is your buyer’s journey? Have you highlighted a map for them?




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