New Year’s Resolution ; Stop the “Sales Insanity”

It’s that time of year we make New Year’s resolutions. We set goals in our personal lives and for our businesses. Bloggers are discussing resolutions for your business like increasing profitability, firing bad customers, listening to customers, as well as unselfishly making your team better.

Another article I found particularly useful advice for business leaders is Harvey Mackay’s  about setting realistic benchmarks. In this article he highlights fundamentals we need to consider before setting goals like;

Know what you really want


Know your motivation


Zero in; focus on one or two where you can make the most improvements


Take risks…great quote: “ you will never stub your toe if you walk backward


Involve those around you


In the spirit of “Zeroing In” I recommend stopping the “sales insanity”, and define a sales process that works for your market of today. Let’s face it; the way buyers are buying today has changed from this time a year ago. We see buyers;

Taking longer to make buying decisions


Involving more people in the buying decision


Buying Needs not Wants


Stronger focus on ROI


The Role the internet is playing in the information gathering


The role the internet plays in the beginning of the trust building process

What most businesses choose to do is increase their sales goals and tell their sales teams to “just make it happen”….this is insane!

Stop the insanity and develop a sales process based on how your buyers are buying today and you will realize the revenue increases and increased shareholder value.

Or, go ahead and make Einstein turnover in his grave by; doing more of what you are already doing that didn’t work in 2010, and expect different results in 2011.


Does your team have a defined repeatable sales process? (are you sure?)


Do you know why buyers buy from you? …Why they don’t?


Have you changed your sales process in the last six months? (if not it’s broken, and you are losing sales you should be winning)


Is your team’s lack of market knowledge showing in your sales?


What new buying criteria is your team experiencing in the market today?


Make understanding how your buyers buy and equipping your sales team with a sales process and complementary tools in 2011 a New Year’s resolution you keep in 2011.

And remember… “it’s not about how you want to sell, but helping your buyers buy , the way they want to buy”  ( nosmoke-ism)

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