Increase Sales..How a Personal Injury Attorney Chose Buyer Experience as His Distinctive Competence



In my last few posts I have shared how market leaders listen for current market problems and solve them. I have shared companies like Yeti, Gunner Kennels, Ten Point Cross Bows and InVue. Someone who follows my content challenged me: “This advice is great for a company with a physical product but what about a company that provides a service?” This post is about how a personal injury attorney strategically listened to his customers and shaped a buying experience based on what he discovered.

About ten years ago I was giving a keynote at a trade event in the automotive industry. I did some research on the top three buying processes consumers hated the most.

Purchasing an automobile was #1

Going to a dentist was #2

Hiring an attorney was #3

What do you think of when you hear: “Personal Injury Attorney”? For me it’s the loud bold commercials on television when I am watching my favorite show. Can’t you see them too? Guys dressed in expensive pinstripe suites with gold cuff links, expensive watches and pointedly stating; We will make them pay, call now … I know I find these commercials almost combative and I would never refer someone to one of these firms. ( but thats just me)

If I were looking for a personal injury attorney I would hire Brian Wilson.

Why?… short answer is I trust him.

Accidents happen all the time driving motorcycles and other vehicles. Mistakes happen on occasion in doctor’s offices and hospitals that leave patients with new life challenges. If I had a recent injury or accident I would want someone who would take the time to listen to me, understand my situation and advise me and my family on the best coarse of action….not “make someone pay”. I want someone who is a proven expert, a thought leader in this space and can serve my family in a kind and fair way.

When other firms want you to sign contracts quick and get started…

Brian spends time with you and your family understanding the situation and will not let you sign any contract until you go home and sleep on it.

When other firms pay for expensive TV and radio advertising…

Brian receives just over 90% of business from referrals from happy customers who are now friends.

He does not advertise.

One client shared the following on his web site…

“We were going through an awful family tragedy and somebody recommended we call Brian Wilson to help us out. It was exactly the right thing to do. Brian understood what we were going through and explained everything. He was available day and night for us to help us with questions or concerns. We could not have hoped for a more professional, knowledgeable, and caring person to help us. Brian was and still is like family! I don’t know how we could have gone through this terrible time in our lives without him. I would recommend Brian’s firm to anybody if they ever have a need. Thank you Brian for everything. And I’m sure “the Nutroll lady” thanks him too. God bless!”

He has studied and understands that consumers ( buyers) on average  share a good experience with 9 people in their network. He also understands if a buyer has a bad experience they share it on average with 16 people.

His web site is full of similar testimonials.

When other firms bark at you…

Brian shares content like his eBooks on topics like:

Your Ohio Accident You survived the crash…and now the adjuster is calling

Fully Exposed How Ohio Auto Insurance Companies Are Stripping Your Auto Policy

Eight Reasons Why Most Ohio Malpractice Victims Never Recover Anything

Nine Tips to Keep You & Your Family Safe When Dealing With Doctors & Hospitals


When other firms bark aggressive language over the radio…


Brian shares advice on his blog that is relevant and builds trust like …


Which Is More Dangerous: Texting/Distracted Driving Or Drunk Driving?

Car Accidents, Emergency Rooms, And “GOMER’S”–And The Importance Of Following Up With Your Doctor


When other firms interrupt our favorite TV Shows…


Brian provides videos on his web site like …


Ohio Medical Malpractice – Errors During Surgery


…that we as possible customers looking for a solution to our problem on line can find when we want to watch them.


I could go on about how every aspect of being served by Brian’s firm is different but you get the picture. Having helped companies for over 30 years that little voice of skeptical clients is saying: “ ok mark, so the guys easy to do business with and sounds great but is he any good at what he does? “ The quick answer is yes.


“Every year since 2007, Brian has been chosen as an Ohio “Superlawyer” by Ohio Superlawyer Magazine, an honor bestowed upon less than five percent of Ohio attorneys each year.”


What about your company?


How can your team make acts of service your distinctive competence?


What would your cost of new sales be if 90% of your new customers came to you through referrals ready to buy?


What are your customers sharing about your product and or service? Are they telling 9 people or 16?


If you needed a personal injury attorney would you call Brian? Why or Why not?


What would your sales funnel look like if your web site was the first one buyers see when doing a search in your market?


Over my last few posts I have been sharing content about understanding how your buyers buy and what they need to buy using a value proposition audit. This process works for every type of product and or service.


Once your team conduct’s an audit you will clearly understand how your buyers buy and what your market needs today, you too can make service your distinctive competence.

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