Silos are Great for Shooting Missiles not for growing Market Leading Organizations, “Tear Down Your Dysfunctional Silo’s and become a Market Leader



Market Leaders have one team singularly focused on achieving their mission, their goals, and serving their markets.

Market Losers have internal dysfunctions silos and speak in “Silo speak”.

What do you mean “Silo Speak”? …you may ask. You have heard it but may not have recognized it (as I do) for what it truly is and more importantly how it impedes adding shareholder value and serving your market.

Silo Speak starts with a “We” statement that clearly illustrates their support of a silo versus serving the market and adding value. Here are a few that quickly become my “Silo Radar “warning system.

· Marketing executive – “I don’t know why sales says business is soft, “We” produced 172 new leads last week alone…”

· Sales Rep – “Corporate just doesn’t get it, they think I am using the economy as an excuse for not hitting my goals, but “We” are out here every day …”

· COO – “‘We’ produced the volume marketing told us to make, and sales is complaining about back orders…”

· CTO – “’We ‘can design and build amazing new applications and solutions, but “we” can’t help it if Product Management does not know how to write good requirements…”

· CFO – “’We’ improved our AR by 11 days, sales does not understand how big that is in today’s economy, cash is king!

· CEO- “ We” have an amazing product, it …..( all feature and benefit speak, said nothing about how it solved market problems)

· VP of Sales- “’We’ are the most accountable members of the team, “We” have goals that everyone sees, and when “We” fall short everyone in the organization becomes as sales expert and “They “are not shy about sharing…”

· Product Manager-“’We ‘can’t give you the market data you want because we are too busy being “demo boys” for sales…”

· Customer service – “’We ‘are the ones who figure out how to deliver what sales promises; “we” should get commission too…”

· Dock worker in shipping – “I’m not getting a bonus because sales missed the goals? That’s BS, “we” shipped every order on time, with 100% accuracy, and no short shipments…”

You can read additional silo speak statements at my post : Are you Enabling your Sales Force or Emasculating them? .

I am sure you have heard these and many more in your career as well. (Many more I am sure). When I hear team members of the teams I have engaged to help use “Silo Speak” what I hear is the following…

· “I did my job, it’s not my problem if_____did not do theirs”

· “ I lack respect for other teams, “silos” so my main objective is to build and protect my silo, my kingdom”

· “We are good, great even, it’s “they” that Suck!”

· “We lack a singular mission, objective that ties us all together.”

· “We are not all on the same page.”

So it should not surprise me last night when I attended a TIE Arizona Event that ; How do I get my entire team on the same page?” was second only to “ Cash Management in these uncertain economic times” as the top two concerns among the CEO’s who shared their vision and insights.

Market leading organizations consistently outpace their competitors in growth, profits, and team morale.

Market Leaders tear down Silos and serve their market with a singular voice and aligned around a market centric methodology.

Market losers build silos and speak in “silo speak” and spend more time and energy defending and building their silos and firing missiles at other cross fictional teams,…when they should be serving their market and shooting at their competitors.

How about your organization….


Do members on your team speak “Silo Speak”?

Do Silo’s add or hurt shareholder value?

Do you see your company, in relation to your market a silo, or are you a part of the market community?

How do you recommend market losers tear down their inner silos?

Tear down silos and serve your market! ( your competition may be tearing down their silos as you read this, are you ready?)

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