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We Fix Sales Problems

No Smoke and Mirrors Approach to Sales

We establish market driven repeatable sales processes that mirror how your buyers want and need to buy today. Market driven sales processes create profitable sales growth.

Once we identify how your buyers buy today, the criteria they use , and the process they use we develop a sales process that mirrors how they buy. We create new sales tools that support each stage of the buying process of how your buyers want to buy and increase your lead to sale ratio and shorten the sales cycle.

Don’t “SELL” your accounts “SERVE THEM” with products and services that solve their problems. Buyers today value industry insights and products and services that impact their bottom line. They don’t want “reps” they want and need “trusted advisors”. We equip and train your sales team to become trusted advisors.

We have over 25 years experience solving the following common sales problems:

Recent Entries from my Blog

I had the pleasure of providing administrative support to Mark from February, 1997 to September, 1999. Mark is a highly driven individual whose enthusiasm is contagious to everyone around him. His knowledge of the products and programs in his area of responsibility is second to none.

Karen Jones, Administrative Assistant

Mark has the unique ability to look at a business and find ways to make it grow. Mark utilizes his vast business experiance along with his high level of creativity to maximize any business. Mark is an extermely talented, ethical business man.

Eric Mansfield, Regional GM

Mark is one of those that can connect the dots. he’s naturally innovative and creative. his broad business background enables him to carry concepts over from other industries. he’s able to see things and make connections others are blind to. his energy and excitement is contageous.

Dick Maggiore, Owner

Mark and I worked together for several years. Let me say this, if I was running my own business, I would hire Mark in a minute. He has a great work ethic and is great with customers and prospects. It’s important to find people that will do what they say they will do, and Mark is one of those people.

Jeff McMahan, Account Supervisor

As VP of Engineering and Quality for VMI, I worked very closely with Mark. He turned VMI Sales and Marketing around in a matter of months and for the first time in many years, VMI made an outstanding profit. Mark is an expert in motivating people and and leads his team by exmple. He always has a postivie attitiude and works hard to make the company a sucess.

William Gest, Vice President of Business Development

I worked with Mark as his marketing manager in charge of advertising and PR at VMI. Our efforts drove sales increases exceeding 146% over 12 months. Under Mark’s leadership I was able to exceed many professional goals. He gave me the tools that I needed to overcome obstacles and achieve great success. The leadership skills and core values that he instills in the members of his team are priceless.

Melissa Ingram, PR Account Executive,

Mark is a solid leader who sets the vision for the team and empowers us to win. Mark is willing to jump in and help when needed. He is a man of integrity, and one which I respect. I supported Mark’s teams’ Info. Systems needs and I saw how his style and vision set sales and profit records. It is no wonder his team met his aggressive goals of doubling distribution points in 12 months.

Javier O., Owner

During my tenure at VMI I had the pleasure of working closely with Mark. I found him to be a highly motivated, caring, and responsible individual. He is very creative and has great experience and knowledge in the field of sales and marketing. If you are looking for an incredible talent with a “can do” attitude, I would highly recommend Mark.

Mike Jasken, Operations Manager

Mark was a Fair, Firm and consistent supervisor. This was a trait that he and I both learned at previous employers. Mark understood the need for Goal structure and holding his people accountable to thier Goals. He was always a professional in everything he did

Eric Mansfield, Regional GM

I had the privilege of working with Mark for three years. Mark provided me with exceptional leadership and guidance. He is a very caring individual who takes pride in his work and shows a tremendous amount of support for his team members.

Darren Castoria, Owner

Mark was the best boss I ever had. He is a great leader and knows how to bring the most out of his people. His marketing skills are second to none and I learned a lot while working for him. I would recomend Mark to lead anybodys team.

Paul Marnocha, National Sales Mgr./ Product Mgr.

Mark has great knowledge of the sales/marketing processes and management. He is a strong organizational leader and mentor. While working together with Mark, I learned a great deal from his prior experiences. I enjoyed working with Mark and would venture to say that anyone working with him in the future will benefit from his knowledge and compassion too.

Terri Morgan, Marketing Coordinator

Working for Mark was a sincere pleasure and eye opening experience. Always there to assist and listen; his values & reasoning he learned from his karate training and of course his prior work history are huge. Mark has this innate ability to see through the smoke & mirrors placed before him (then & now) and me (I learned then & utilize now) while we shared a few years was invaluable in dealing with those situations and future endeavors. I have much to thank Mark for and cherish those learning experiences and times. I’m lucky to be able to call him my current friend and former boss.

Karl Wein, Regional Sales, Mobility Consultant

Mark is a proven leader and educator. I enjoyed the time working with Mark on a day to day basis. Mark excelled in guidence, teaching and holding me accountable to the goals and growth I experienced under his leadership; both personally and professionally.

Robert Taylor, inside regional sales manager

Mark’s leadership and organizational skills were essential to our company during a period of extreme growth in company sales. Mark’s marketing and sales strategies are creative and very effective. I would definitely want Mark on my business team anytime.

Brian Satran, Regional Sales Manager

Mark is detail oriented, a straight forward thinker, and has a very positive can do attitude. Mark interacts well with both his peers and all levels of an organization. Mark made a significant impact on the sales and marketing organization during his time at VMI. I highly recommend Mark and would be proud to work together with him in the future.

Bruce Blocksom, Chief Compliance Officer

I had the privilage working with Mark while I was a marketing coordinator at Vantage Mobility International. Mark was not only able to lead a strong group of salesman by developing them to increase the company salesbut he was also able to increase its cash flow and expand its product line. Mark was also a large part of our successful marketing program that continually increased leads and sales for the company. He is great at looking outside of the box and finding creative ways to bring in new business. I would feel lucky to be able to work with Mark again.

Sonja Werner, Marketing Coordinator

Results driven and team focused, Mark always sought solutions and shouldered accountability for his decisions and the decisions of his direct reports. Consistently led our team through asdversity by creating an environment of ‘wanting to win’.

Michael Castoria, National Sales Manager

Mark is an extremely talented individual. His leadership skills are the best I have been associated with. Mark is a excellent recruiter and developer of talent. He built a strong team of very talented individuals and molded them into the strongest sales force in the industry, admired by both customers and competitors. Mark is a goal oriented person and is not afraid to look outside the box to acheive results. I highly recommend Mark Roberts.

Kevin Quesenberry, Central Region Sales Manager

Mark is a proven successful manager of sales and marketing. He has an ability to create opportunities for the company he works for, embraces challenge and rises to the occasion. Mark also is an outgoing people person who always has time for a smile and a polite hello. I would highly recommend him to any organization as positive asset.

Troy Lumley, Strategic Source & Procurement Manager

Mark is a valuable resource to any company. He has a very creative mind and is a high caliber manager. As a manager he enable the people under him to grow beyond their normal boundaries. This is all coupled with a great personality and joyful attitude.

Phil Rayer

I had the opportunity to know Mark on a professional level before he hired me to work on the sales team at VMI. I was on the retail side of the same industry earlier. In dealing with the sales department, I often noticed the structure and attention to clients was impeccable  To me this said a lot about Mark. When he brought me on board at VMI, I soon learned why things seemed the way they did to me earlier. Mark is a very gregarious person who takes not only the companys, but the clients, intersts to heart. His “open door” policy was obviously what made him stand apart from others. Many times I went to Mark for advice, never leaving with an unanswered question. I would be happy to be under the guidance of Mark as an employee. Any company would benefit merely from his presence.

Glenn Williamson, Regional Sales Manager

Working with clients from many industries for over 25 years, finding Mark was a pleasure. Mark is one of a very few that really understands what it takes to execute the marketing and advertising plan. It became quite apparant Mark had the expertise and more importantly, he has worked the marketing gig from BOTH sides of the table. That understanding is invaluable to any company.

Jay Wilson, Chairman/CEO

What I like most, from a consultant’s perspective, is Mark’s willingness and ability to adopt new technologies to increase sales and reduce costs. Mark aborbs what we have to recommend, and then creatively finds a way to apply it in a more natural way for his market – moving the solution from great to outstanding!

John-Scott Dixon, President

Mark’s dedication to achieve successful goals is second to none. His passion to satisfy the voice of the customer leads me, without hesitation, to this endorsement.

Damian Gurri, Supplier Development and Sourcing Mgr.

Working under Mark was a huge benefit. The man knows his stuff, gave 110% and was ALWAYS there to help, move and inspire. I learned a great deal and will continue to learn a great deal from Mark and am truly grateful we have remained in contact after the working relationship we shared.

Karl Wein, Regional Sales, Mobility Consultant

Mark’s ability to “think and act on his feet” is uncanny. He listens to the challenge and within moments develops a marketing strategy to take your thoughts from ideas to action items.

Deana Cocks, VP of Operations

Mark is an excellent organizer. His values are very high. He continues to strive for excellence as an independent worker and as a lead. He is personable and will go the extra mile in efforts to satisfy the client needs. 

Mark cares about the clients and the employees he works with.
Mark will always verify the projects are completed in full – with additional followup with the client if needed. His record of client satisfaction is very high. Mark is an assest to any company. You will see results from his watchful eyes.

Melody Stitt, Distribution Specialist

Mark is a straight forward, hard working boss/employee. Mark does not demand respect, but rather earns the respect of all his co-workers around him. His strong nature makes him a natural leader and his business knowledge is second to none. Mark is a great person to work for or with.

Nick Durkin, Sr. System Administrator

Mark has the unique talent of seeing the creative side of marketing and pushing the sales process into focus. He is always asking “What’s the problem?” not giving an opinionated solution. Mark is truly a remarkable asset.

Jean Velonis, Sales & Marketing Admin

In the short time I’ve known Mark, I’ve really been impressed with his ability to think outside the box. Step one of the Tuned-In Process is to find unresolved problems and Mark has an uncanny ability to do just that, and do it quickly. He is also very effective at pulling together disparate resources and assembling them in the manner best suited to getting the job done. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my clients and colleagues.

Dave Barnhart

Mark is an absolute professional and a pleasure to work with — intelligent, experienced, and ready to share his expertise. His processes are well-thought, thorough, and with the highest quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Michelle Conlon, Web Media Manager

Mark possesses a rare combination of business sensibility and acumen. As such, he synthesizes complex issues into simplistic and understandable actions. Furthermore, his even-keeled demeanor, leadership and likability is disarming culminating in project results that are based upon merit, not emotion or politics. Mark is a rare asset in corporate america.

Roger Allison, CEO and Founder

Mark is one man business accelerator. He is a seasoned executive with a broad range of experience in sales and marketing. What makes him unique is his ability to align his organization, people and processes to ‘serve’ the market. Unlike most executives who sometimes drive to outcomes blindly, Mark is very analytical and observant. He’s also extremely trustworthy and ethical in all his dealings. His results speak for themselves … with each step, the businesses he managed outperformed expecations

Phil Myers, President

Mark has the profile and instincts to be an outstanding leader. He focuses on “big picture” items and does not let himself get wrapped up in the “noise” that continually occurs in companies. He is insightful and will do what is best for the customer – while professionally representing his company. Any company that Mark works for will be lucky for having such an outstanding asset on their team!

John Milburn, Instructor/Consultant

FINALLY, someone with the skills in Sales and Marketing that recognizes the importance of Information Technology to solve Business Problems. He has been able to provide the business insight specifically with Key Performance Indicators to guide my implementation of Dashboards using Crystal Reports XCelsius. I have huge trust in Mark to market my detailed skill set as Data/Database Specialist and look forward to working with Mark on a multitude of projects.

Craig Milne

Mark has a passion for all that he does and it’s evident in his public speaking. He has a heart for helping others and a mind for marketing. I admire his ability to continuously reach out to others with genuine care and concern.

Kris Wilen Brown, MBA

I’ve known Mark for years both as a colleague and friend. He is stellar at what he does for two reasons: he’s passionate about what he does by virtue of his diverse experience, and he listens. When I related some business and marketing problems I was having, he didn’t offer his opinions right away. Instead, he listened, and asked intelligent questions. Through this process he was able to offer me a series of recommendations that I have implemented in my business. The depth of his business experience and practical aptitude for troubleshooting and creating great ideas is evident when you speak with him. But he is also smart enough to know that offering business solutions and problem solving comes through careful listening to a client’s concerns. Nobody is better at this than Mark, in my opinion

Finally, he is simply a good and ethical person with solid values–the kind of guy who’d pull over on the side of the road to change a stranger’s tire. He’s as good as they come in my opinion.

Brian Wilson, Partner
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