Why Do Buyers Buy From Your Team? …Why Don’t Buyers Buy From You?

One of the quickest ways to get your sales back on track to building sales velocity is to understand why your current customers buy from you and why some buyers do not. It sounds like a simple question, but it is critical to gain this understanding to position your sales team for repeatable profitable growth.

Do you know why your buyers are buying from you today?

Do you know why some buyers you have quoted do not buy from you?

Chances are the buying process and criteria your buyers are using to make purchasing decisions have changed over the last six to eight months.

Once you identify why buyers today are buying or not buying from your team you can build the sales tools necessary to keep sales conversations moving to a close.

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  1. […] When companies desire to grow their sales they often reach out to their customers to find what they could be doing to grow their business. The trouble is your customers already have a relationship with you. They heard and understood your value proposition enough to buy from you. You need to speak with them; however you must also meet with those who did not buy from you. […]

  2. You may not be familiar with my latest book “Dirty Little Secrets: why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell and what you can do about it”. Seems to fit with your topic.

    I also see you’re using many of the words I’ve been using in my books, articles, and programs for the past 20+ years, and I’m absolutely delighted that I found you — certainly makes me feel less alone 🙂

    I’ve developed a model called Buying Facilitation(r) that i teach to sellers to help buyers recognize and manage all of the decision issues they must address behind-the-scenes (you know, that private crazy stuff) so they can get the buy-in necessary to make a purchase.

    Sales only handles the solution placement end of the buying decision – about 10% (and the last 10% at that). Buyers do 90% off-line, and the sales model doesn’t help.

    Have a look at my material, and let’s set up a time to speak. Sounds like it might be a fun conversation.


    1. Sharon,

      Thank you for your comment and I look forward to reading your book and sharing it on my blog.

      Market leaders understand and are implementing what we both believe….Market Losers….well they keep trying to do more of what “always worked before” .

      Thank you again for your input as it is my long term goal to make this blog a valuable source for insights on how to grow companies profitably.


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