Why Can’t Salespeople Sell New Products?

The CEO said…” Why can’t my salespeople sell new products” ? I hear this frustration from business leaders often. The assumption is the salespeople are not capable, but the reality is they can sell new products if they are provided a strong value proposition and sales tools that guide potential buyers through their buying journey. If your new product or service clearly provides four yes’s then it will not feel like pushing mud uphill during launch. However far too often new products are thrown over the wall from engineering and product management and sales are told …”just make it happen”.

The reality is you do not want your salespeople spending time figuring out how to sell the new product.

Salespeople follow the path of least resistance to revenue.

If your new product lacks a clear value proposition, sales tools designed for specific buyer personas, and a history of poorly launched products your launch may be doomed.

Equip your sales team to gain new product sales velocity by clearly understanding the problem you are solving for your buyers and the buying process and criteria they use to solve their problems.

How successful is your team with new product sales launch?


Does your new product offer a quick path to revenue or does it feel like pushing mud up hill for your sales team?


Can you afford to have your salespeople figuring out how to sell a new product while your core product sales suffer?


Are new product sales an Art or Science in your organization?

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  1. All products are essencily New at some point to a Salesperson. Until they believe its not! Years ago I worked with a Salesman at a Machinery Distributor that wouldn’t sell a new product until someone else in the organization was demonstrating sales and installation success! Now this fella and I were of seven salesmen the traditional top 20% producers and we juxtaposed at top each other one month I’d be top dog and next month he’d best me. The point is we were both good Salesmen but 180% different in approach. I sold as a Trusted Consultant who would welcome new and old technology and look aggressively for places to apply. This other fella is a make friends and sell to them what they wanted. He was very good at telling them what they wanted but never before I or another salesmen had shown the new Widget was sellable. Two good Sales Technicians one who learned the product its value to the right customers & sold, the other waited until the new technology PROVED that it had value and would not fail and cost him (potentially) a friend! Who’s the better Salesperson me or him. The sales-technition or the sales-friend? I say both are good salesmen. The bad salesman is the one that refuses to ever integrate this new product into the proverbial bag of tricks. He and I both took on the new machine because we believed in its value…just required different levels of “proof”!

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